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Important Information To Apply Online

  • Please use the following Internet Browsers to complete your application: FireFox, Chrome, or Safari. *Not all versions of Internet Explorer are supported, so please do not use.

Please Note: It is important to clear your browsing history, delete the cookies and change the browser settings to allow for pop-up boxes.

  • Remove all graphic images from resumes before uploading them into the system, the system doesn't support them. Each attachment cannot be larger than 10 MB.
  • If you experience any problems editing, uploading or submitting your documents, please contact FRCC Human Resource Recruitment at 303-678-3804. You are welcome to email documents you were unable to upload to FRCC.HumanResources@frontrange.edu.
  • The system will accept no more than 500 characters in the description area for each employer you list on the eForm application. Do not use tabs, dashes, or other special characters in the employer job description area. You will be prevented from submitting your application if you are over the 500 character limit.
  • The system allows 60 minutes to complete each section of the application process.  If you haven't completed the application within 55 minutes, a popup will appear with a warning that you will be timed out in 5 minutes.  By clicking ok, you can refresh and continue for another 60 minutes.
  • Use the back button in your browser to get back to the previous page in the application.
  • If you are uploading transcripts, please be sure to redact your birth year, gender, social security number.

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    From Our Employees

    Bao Xiong

    Bao Xiong
    Senior Restricted Fund Accountant


    "The education I received at FRCC enabled my family, when my husband and I were young and struggling, to become self-sufficient. So I enjoy working at FRCC because it gives me the privilege of being a part of a path that can enable other families to do the same."