Photo of FRCC employees working together Our Culture

FRCC is a unique place. It's not uncommon to meet employees who have worked here for 10, 15, even 20+ years. It's also not unusual to find employees who may have started at FRCC as a part-time instructor and worked their way into an executive administration position. What is it that keeps people here? We have some ideas...

A Supportive, Collaborative Environment

The support we give to our students extends to our employees as well. We promote an open organization that looks to the future, and values the input of our people. We encourage employees to have a voice—and we listen. Whether you are a bookstore employee, faculty member, security personnel or a dean, we promote a sense of community that is integral to what we do every day.

We Value Diversity

We value diversity —not just ethnicity. Our employees have very diverse backgrounds. We hire many different types of people, from welding instructors who have 30 years on the job, to college graduates who work in our Admissions Office. We are interested in people who want to explore teaching as much as finding those who already love doing it. We offer many opportunities to succeed, from teaching music to biology and everything in between. We believe everyone has unique talents to share and contribute at FRCC.

Forward Thinking Organization

Innovation and progressive thinking have traditionally paved the way for success at Front Range Community College. We are committed to a culture that supports innovation, creativity, collaboration, a healthy work-life balance, and excellence in all that we do.

We Encourage and Reward Success

We recognize our success rests on the success of our employees and their ability to be responsive, dynamic, and creative. We support and encourage staff training and professional development to provide quality service to students. If you're interested in an environment that recognizes a job well done and allows you to make a difference, then FRCC may be the right place for you.